The galaxy ADT (Technology Development Action) contributes to make INRIA a value-added player in the SOA arena, by designing and developing an Open Framework for Agile and Dynamic Software Architecture. This ADT will work for INRIA and INRIA's research project-teams direct benefit, and aims at pre-assembling technological bricks from various teams, projects and preparing them to be transferred through the open source software channel.

galaxy aims at providing an open SOA platform, enabling agility using dynamic architectures. galaxy will provide an integrated environment by assembling and leveraging INRIA's technologies. galaxy covers a large scope of functionalities, from design tooling to adaptable and extensible runtime, offering monitoring and management advanced functions. galaxy allows to design, deploy, run, monitor systems, following concepts and paradigms inherited from service-oriented, process and dynamic architectures, and offering a set of management functions for agile and dynamic systems. galaxy technologies are most of them compliant with the Eclipse and the SCA standards.

galaxy, a platform unifying highy standard adaptable, extensible and agile runtime, and agile monitoring and modelling capabilities, built on top of INRIA's technologies:

- component-based models and frameworks Fractal and GCM (Grid Component Model) promoted by the ETSI

- FraSCAti and ProActive Java platforms

- Eclipse STP-IM, SOA Intermediate Model, for enabling interoperability b/w SOA-related standards at design- and run-time, such as BPMN, BPEL, SCA and JBI

- Kermeta MDE technologies

- WildCAT extensible framework for context-aware applications

Contributors to this ADT are mainly research project-teams, including ADAM, ECOO, OASIS, ASCOLA, TUVALU, SARDES and TRISKELL, and the galaxy ADT is led and managed by the TUVALU team.

Collaborations with open-source communities

OW2 Consortium

The Eclipse Foundation

Communications, conferences and events

JavaOne 2009, June 2-5, San Francisco, JavaOne 2009 Conference

INRIA, 02/06/09 - JavaOne - Meeting with the Java community

OW2 Annual Conference, April 1-2, Paris

OW2 2009 Conference
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eclipseCON 2009, March 23-26, Santa Clara

eclipseCON 2009 Attach:eclipsecon09-galaxy.pdf | galaxy flyer

Devoxx 2008, December 10-12, Antwerp

Devoxx 2008 Conference
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